Chief accountant jailed for beating co-worker over salary cut

Dubai: A chief accountant has been jailed for three months for assaulting his co-worker who went to discuss with him the issue of cut in his salary when he missed work for in November 2016.

Once the 36-year-old co-worker questioned the 35-year-old chief accountant’s decision to cut his salary, the latter slapped him and pushed him down to the floor. Their workmates intervened quickly and informed the police about the incident.

On Monday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of beating his co-worker and causing a 5 per cent permanent disability in his ear.

The accused pleaded not guilty in the court and rejected the accusation of causing a permanent disability to the victim.

“We had a heated argument and I pushed him but I didn’t injure him,” the accused contended in the court.

According to Monday’s ruling, presiding judge Urfan Omar said the accused will be deported after serving his punishment.

The victim said the assault occurred at the workplace when he went to discuss the issue of cut in his salary with the chief accountant.

“My salary had been cut and when I was discussing the issue with the defendant, he got angry and beat me. First he slapped me and then pushed me down to the floor … I called the police,” the victim told prosecutors.

A fellow accountant said he was present on the occasion and heard the defendant and the victim having a heated argument.

“The suspect told the victim that the supervisor had instructed him to cut his salary for missing the work. He asked the suspect to discuss the matter with the supervisor before they indulged in a heated argument that developed into an assault,” he testified.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.

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