Now Offers Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System Hair Loss Dubai

The demand for hair loss surgeries was growing vastly among the masses, especially when we speak of the United Arab Emirates. Regrowth medicine, products, and what not! – People were trying every possible solution at hand to treat their excessive hair loss concern. The major issue seen here was that the victims of hair loss were focusing on the medication and treatment that did not claim to grow their hair back, or treat their issues.

Vivandi Trichology Center came up with a brilliant solution to answer the concerns of the audience facing the excessive loss of hair, or a balding pattern in general. It is definitely a daunting affair to be dealing with an unusual case of hair loss and finding a lead that can take you towards an ultimate solution.

Mr. Amin Sheybani, owner and CEO of Vivandi Trichology Center, has announced the most innovative hair loss resolution of the century! Keeping in view of the commonly growing problem, Mr. Sheybani’s revolutionary treatment is surely going to be a spectacular change for everyone who has or is on the verge of the pattern of baldness.

Dated 11th April 2017, Mr. Sheybani explained during the grand event that he had been working on this idea for more than 2 years, and he believes that now the time has finally arrived that he can start inviting potential customers into taking this hair system into account.

He also explained how he wished to target the Middle East audience for over a decade and now when the dream is finally taking a turn into reality, he took out the time to hire an exceptionally talented staff that can work fairly well in the field without any delays or errors. By providing a remarkable solution for the matter Vivandi Trichology Center claimed to treat the victims of hair loss Dubai with a dedication towards service.

Mr. Sheybani also introduced us to the one personality who is assisting him, Mr. Hanney Al Qaisi, who has worked as a Trichologist both in the Middle East and in United Kingdom as well. As mentioned during the Non-surgical Hair Replacement Dubai Release, Mr. Hanney Al Qasai would use his proficient skills, specifically attained from the training he received at Manchester UK. Together,

Mr. Sheybani and Mr. Al Qasai have promised to take the victims of hair loss out of their unusual patterns of baldness and will give them a chance to relive their dream of having a full head of hair. Mr. Amin Sheybani has used his years of experience as a prosperous entrepreneur to establish a hair loss center under the name Hair Club which was later on changed to VIVAND IHair Spa and now is proudly reckoned as VIVANDI Trichology Center.

Mr. Amin Sheybani, is the most adored hair expert in the international non-surgical hair loss treatment field, which is why it would be hard for you to neglect his excellence in the field. Let us help Mr. Sheybani and his fellow assistant and great friend, Mr. Al Qasai, in their journey towards the betterment of the stressful condition that we all know as hair loss.


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