RTA explores needs, aspirations of People of Determination

DUBAI, 14th March, 2019 (WAM) -- The Customers Council of Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has convened at the Rashid Centre for People of Determination with 73 representatives of entities, People of Determination and their parents to discuss the needs and aspirations of this segment of the community.

Organising such a gathering is part of the RTA’s endeavours to deliver excellent service and maintain links with People of Determination in response to the Dubai Government’s initiative "My Community – A City for Everyone".

Attendees at the session included Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, Board Member and Chairman of Customers Council; Adel Shakri, Director of Planning and Business Development at the Public Transport Agency as well as directors of the concerned departments and representatives of all agencies and sectors of the RTA.

A visual presentation was made to highlight the services delivered and projects undertaken for the benefit of people of determination along with the communication channels, services and Apps developed in line with the best international practices.

"The happiness and satisfaction of the People of Determination is one of the RTA’s main priorities. It had developed strategies and plans and allocated budgets to implement them for the benefit of people of determination. Examples of these tailor-made services include designing the infrastructural services, such as roads, crossings, parking, and buildings, to serve this segment besides implementing world-class standards of public transport modes and taxis befitting the people of determination," Al Mulla said.

Several ideas and suggestions were discussed made including providing training to attendants and supervisors of mass transport on the needs of People of Determination, especially for individuals on the autism spectrum, and affixing posters on cars used by this category to alert road users, for safety reasons. The meeting called for allocating an additional number of customised taxis with doors that open sideways instead of from the rear.

A suggestion was made to provide parking spots for visually impaired individuals and other segments of People of Determination. Another proposal was made to designate places in all public transport means (trains, buses, tram, water transport) with involuntary hyperactivity, for their safety and the safety of riders around them.

The council recommended to the concerned agencies and departments at the RTA that they study and implement the suggestions and ideas proposed as per the rules and regulations applicable at authority.

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