Thirty-day grace period after visa cancellation

I am from Nepal and have been living and working in the UAE for a few years. How do I know if my visa has been cancelled properly by my employer after I stopped working for the company? My Emirates ID card expires on June 8, but can I live in the UAE after that? How many months can I stay here? MS, Dubai

It is usual practice that a passport is taken to a government office at the time of a residency visa being cancelled and the visa is officially stamped "cancelled". This process should be undertaken by the employer, or their PRO, although personal sponsors may have to cancel the visas of family members themselves. The cancellation paperwork is signed by both the employee and the sponsor and at the time the Emirates Identity Card must also be handed over, as the two are linked. The passport should be given back to the individual once the visa has been cancelled but some employers will expect the person to leave the country straight away if they are not going to a new job. Once the visa has been cancelled, a person has a 30-day grace period and must exit the UAE before this expires to avoid fines for illegally overstaying.

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